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Experience Energy The Way We Were Intended To With One Of Nature’s Most Popular Superfoods


The new and sustainable way to get clean proteins and excellent nutrition without the need for dairy products, animals or fish

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Benefits of Cricket Pills:

1. Gut Health: Crickets are a natural source of fiber and prebiotics, supporting a healthy gut biome and improving immunity and digestive health. This can reduce water retention, gas, and bloating.

2. Vital Nutrients: Our Vitality Pills contain B vitamins, calcium, iron, and magnesium, providing essential nutrients to boost metabolism and support weight control.

3. Beat the Afternoon Slump: With protein, vitamin B, and omega-3s, taking Cricket Pills around midday may help combat the “afternoon slump.” Stay focused, energetic, and avoid feeling sluggish or lacking concentration.

4. B12 Supplement: Vegetarian and vegan diets often lack vitamin B12, primarily found in animal sources. Just six capsules of Cricket Pills daily provide 25% of your daily B12 requirement naturally, without synthetic supplements.

Lydia Wolfe
Lydia Wolfe
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Cricket Pills are awesome! They give you a subtle boost of energy and help you to stay focused. I’ve found them effective; allowing me to concentrate during the day and then carry on working at home. I have far more energy than I did before taking them and would highly recommend!
Ashley Roberts
Ashley Roberts
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After 3 kids and nearing 40, my energy levels have dropped off the scale, but Vitality Pills have made a huge difference. I can now get up early to go in the gym before the school run and I’m more alert and switched on. I have been taking these for a month now and will be ordering some more!

Decades in Food Industry: With 30+ years in the UK food industry and accolades as a nutritional services director in the USA, Allison is passionate about food and well-being.

From Nutritionist to Cricket Farming: Allison left her medical nutritionist career to focus on her family’s cricket farming business. She discovered the dense nutritional profile of crickets and their superfood potential.

Cricket’s Surprising Benefits: Allison found that a large part of the global population already embraced crickets for their nutrients. Excited by their safety and advantages, she combined her love for food with her passion for crickets.

Crickets may be a relatively new superfood for the Western world, but around 80% of the world’s population have been benefiting from the amazing nutritional properties of crickets and other bugs for centuries.  We know the thought of eating crickets may be a little disconcerting, and just like you, we wouldn’t really want to chew on a cricket.  So, we made it easy and turned our crickets into a highly nutritious superfood powder that can be taken in capsules

Cricket Pills And Superfood Supplements

Determined to make an impact and help improve people’s diet, Allison's Cricket Pills was launched to offer a range of cricket-based superfood proteins and supplements. The thought of eating crickets can be quite disconcerting for some Westerners, so Allison took her inspiration from algae-based superfoods such as spirulina and chlorella and turned her crickets into a fine powder. As innovators in this new and emerging market, Paradox Protein created Vitality Pills, the first of its kind – highly nutritious capsules filled with 100% pure ground crickets. These superfood capsules give you all the natural protein, vitamins and minerals from crickets in an easy to swallow pill.

How To Use

Take two (2) Cricket Pills, three (3) times per day or

Take three (3) Cricket Pills twice per day

Buy 1 Bottle and Get 3 Bottles for Free!

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What Are Cricket Pills?

Cricket Pills: Natural superfood nutrition from crickets for a vibrant you. 100% ground-up crickets in each capsule, packed with bio-available macro and micronutrients, protein, prebiotics, and fiber. No synthetic compounds. Just 6 capsules daily provide 25% of your B12 for energy and vitality.
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Crickets: Nature’s superfood powerhouse. High in protein, vitamins, minerals, and micronutrients. Capsule form for easy consumption. Harness their benefits without the need to chew.

100% Pure Cricket

Full Traceability: We oversee the entire cricket lifecycle, ensuring complete control and traceability. Organic and Free Ranging: Our crickets are fed organically and have ample space to move naturally. Humane Harvesting: Crickets reach the end of their natural lifecycle before being harvested. They are then processed into a highly nutritious powder.

Join the thousands of men and women who are already using Allison's Cricket Pills to improve their energy and gut health

Buy 1 Bottle and Get 3 Bottles for Free!


Regular Price $196


Disclaimer: These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. Please consult your medical doctor before taking any supplements. Please consult your medical doctor if you are currently taking any medications, or if you have any diseases or medical conditions. This product is designed for healthy adults, it is not designed for children or pregnant or nursing women.

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